The Pelvic floor (not just a female thing)

I think you knew the Pelvic Floor (PF) chat was coming😯…no eye rolling pls! Its the internal muscles we often cue in pilates ( think back passage through to front passage) and it’s not just something to be performed during class. It’s also not just an exercise for women – men also should be exercising the PF.
Exercising and strengthening this muscle can help us with an overactive bladder ie a sudden urgency to urinate, frequently needing to wee or sometimes not quite getting to the toilet in time! It can also help alleviate stress incontinence ie leaking when you cough or exercise (some joggers can experience this).
The pelvic floor is a layer of muscles that stretch from the pubic bone to the tailbone and from side to side. They help control your bladder and bowel and relax when you go to the toilet and activate when you laugh, cough or sneeze to help prevent any leakage.
Like any muscle they weaken; regularly exercising them will strengthen them to improve bladder control and leakage. – Its difficult to find these muscles and isolate them – you shouldn’t be able to see any movement on the outside so no pulling in your tummy, no squeezing thighs together and no buttock clenching or holding the breath, try keeping them all as relaxed as possible and breathing gently; you will feel a slight pull in of the lower tummy as your pelvic floor connects/draws in and up.
Here’s how to do it (you could do it now…no-one will kno! 😉)
First tighten (squeeze) the muscles around your back passage, as if you’re trying to stop yourself passing wind. While holding this squeeze, tighten around to the front too as if you’re trying to stop yourself mid-wee. It should feel like a ‘squeeze and lift’ inside. After each ‘squeeze and lift’ make sure you fully relax your muscles by letting them go. Now try squeezing and holding for as long as you can – you may only manage 3-4 secs for now but as you practice (daily) you’re aiming to hold for 10 secs.- Build up to 3 sets of 10 squeezes, holding each squeeze for 10secs, resting for 4 secs between each squeeze.
Go on give it a go!

Author: Freemovepilates

Lover of Pilates and Free Movement Qualified Level 3 Matwork Pilates Instructor - Come and enjoy the benefits of Pilates with me!

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