Do you sometimes wonder what your core is meant to be made up of?

In Pilates -the core can be compared to a corset or girdle of muscles surrounding the mid-section of the body. The core acts to stabilise the pelvis & lower back during everyday tasks such as sitting, lifting & walking and during exercise. The main muscles are the TA muscles (tranversus abdominus), spinal muscles and pelvic floor – also included are the rectus abdominus ( also referred to as the ‘6 pack’ – whether you can see any of them or not!?) The obliques (your side abs). – Having weakness in the core can make you more prone to lower back pain and injury.-In a typical class, we focus on core stability so engaging these muscles to keep the spine & pelvis stable while we move our limbs through a controlled range – this both stabilises and strengthens the core. We can also specifically target core strength with exercises examples of this are where we raise the trunk in flexion lifting the chest up to work the abdominal muscles or raise the torso in flexion to perform the one hundred.There are plenty of other exercise in pilates that aim to challenge the core muscles too

Author: Freemovepilates

Lover of Pilates and Free Movement Qualified Level 3 Matwork Pilates Instructor - Come and enjoy the benefits of Pilates with me!

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