About Me

I’ve always been interested in the Human Body, right from my first Biology lesson at Secondary school! So it’s no surprise that I went on to study Biology at University, which led me to a career in Healthcare Research.

The human body and movement really fascinate me and I do really believe that you are as young as your spine is able and that by improving strength,flexibility and posture; we can improve our physical well-being long-term.

My love of exercise & fitness means I’ve had a go at most classes (at least once!), aerobics, step classes, circuit training, kick-boxing, spin, MTB; you name it and I’ve probably had a go!
Needless to say I’ve had my fair share of injuries over the years; some sports-related but also a couple of general accidents and have experienced the frustration of not being able to take part in fitness; it was the final straw when I had an accident that affected my lower back, I was panicked and it was time to do some ‘research’ – I ended up purchasing a Pilates DVD…not really knowing what it actually was at the time but thought it would tide me over while waiting for a physio appointment – By the time I got to see a Physiotherapy (6wks) I still had a way to go but she was impressed with how far I’d come and praised my Pilates program for aiding my recovery!.

Now that was a long time ago and I’m afraid to say that once I got my back, back, I was off again trying to fly (not literally!) and the DVD was replaced by other fitness fads.

Eventually due to a recurring neck/shoulder injury agitated further due to long hours working at a desk; I took up Pilates again and I knew by the end of that 1st class, it was going to be a life-long practice for me (no more fads). I went on to study for and gain my Level 3 Diploma in Matwork. Now all I want to do is share the benefits I’ve had from Pilates, through teaching classes to others.
I’ve dedicated myself to the regular practice of Pilates for the last 4yrs now and honestly haven’t looked back!
I believe in making Pilates accessible for everyone and believe it can help you do more of the things you love, whether that be walking the dog, doing a bit of gardening or a sport that you love.
I hope you’ll come and enjoy Pilates with me,