What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates is a safe form of exercise with great health benefits.

Suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels; pilates improves posture and balance. It can lengthen short tight muscles and help mobilise the spine to improve your overall range of movement and flexibility; enabling you to enjoy doing more of the activities you love whether that be playing sport, walking the dog or just being able to spend more time in the garden!

Pilates focusses on developing strong core muscles which in turn can help alleviate lower back pain and general aches and pains. – With focus on the breath and controlled movements; pilates can also help your body unwind from a hard day.

So Why Modern Pilates?

There are main styles of Pilates: Classical and Contemporary.

Classical Pilates, closely follows the original work & exercises designed by Joseph Pilates.

Modern Pilates is a contemporary form of Pilates that takes some of the exercises of J. Pilates and adapts them in line with up to date research and knowledge. – MP exercises use a clinical approach to Pilates, created through extensive work with Physiotherapists.