Pilates Newbie? What’s a typical class like?

Never done Pilates before? Fantastic! – I love all things new!  Hopefully within a few sessions (and certainly within 6), you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it before!

If you’re a Newbie to Pilates or just want a refresher after a period out of Pilates classes; I can offer 1-1 (individual sessions of 1hr) during which, you will undergo a postural assessment and be taken through the basics of the essential Pilates principles so you are able to make the most of your first class, (this is really helpful but not essential before starting classes); alternatively if you prefer to just have  1-1 sessions, we can arrange these with a program specifically tailored for you.

I will discuss with all new clients, their current health/fitness status and any goals they may have and then you’re ready for your first session!

What’s a typical  class with me like? All my classes are designed for the beginner, through to Improver. – I aim to keep class sizes small at around 8-10 people, (max of 12), this will allow me to give each of you the right level of attention / observe you while you are moving to ensure correct alignment and help your understanding of the exercises, while providing any gentle hands-on adjustments if necessary.

Me? I do take an interest in my group and like to get to know each of you.  Sessions are fairly informal, it’s nice to add a bit of humour! You can expect a warm welcome from the minute you walk in and throughout our session with plenty of encouragement.
My obsession with the workings of the human body (and my clinical Pilates training) mean that I enjoy keeping up with current research practice and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have or speak with your Physiotherapist/GP if you or she/he wish.

What should I wear/Bring with me? 

Mats and  any small equipment will be provided. (Please feel free to bring your own mat), you will also need to bring some water and wear comfortable clothing that isn’t too thick, just so I can see/check your alignment as you carry out the exercises.  – Wear socks or go barefoot,  (up to you!)- you may also want to bring a small towel with you.